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We are approved installers of Pentair (Raychem) systems for frost protection, temperature maintenance and underfloor heating.
Frost protection system for pipes


The Raychem frost protection system prevents fluids in plastic and metal pipes from freezing, and maintains correct flow temperatures.

In frost conditions, thermal insulation alone can not always protect pipes from freezing.  Harsh weather may also cause fuel lines to clog.

The Raychem frost protection system for pipes safeguards water pipes, fire mains, sprinkler systems and fuel oil from frost in severe winter conditions.

The Raychem frost protection system for pipes keeps total operating and total installed costs down.

This energy efficient solution includes self-regulating heating cables and a smart control unit that monitors the temperature and only activates the system when and where necessary. 

Hot water temperature maintenance system


The Raychem HWAT system keeps hot water at a consistently warm temperature, no matter how complex the building.

Attached to hot water supply pipes, HWAT self-regulating heating cables compensate for heat loss and maintain hot water temperature throughout the building.

The Raychem hot water temperature maintenance system offers an intelligent way to instantly supply hot water in hotel rooms, office buildings etc.  The heating cables flat construction allows design and installation flexibility.

Engineered for direct application on hot water pipes, the Raychem system does not require return pipes, valves or pumps.

The intelligence of the system resides in the self-regulating cables and the Raychem HWAT-ECO control unit.

Raychem's hot water maintenance systems are installed in hundreds of hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Energy savings, reduced installation costs and legionella prevention are just three of the systems benefits.

Floor heating systems


Increased comfort whilst saving on heating cocsts.

Electric under-floor heating is installed close to the floor surface resulting in a quick warm up of the room.  It does not take up space in your living area, giving the freedom to position furniture where ever you choose.

At home or in the office, in the bathroom or living areas, smart under-floor heating systems provide a warm floor and a pleasant room temperature.

The uniform heat distribution makes it possible to set the thermostat 2 degrees lower than usual, without any loss of comfort or warmth.  It is ideal as complete room heating or as a compliment of the existing heating system.

During spring or autumn, you can turn off the conventional heating, and keep your floors warm and comfortable.

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