Pipework Identification (BS1710:2014)

This updated version of BS 1710 specifies the colours and other information that should be used to identify pipes, ducts and electrical conduits.

Who is this standard for?

Building designers, operators and users
Service installers
Waste, water, liquid fuels, gases and refrigeration industries
Why should you use this standard?

BS 1710 outlines the requirements for colours for identifying pipes conveying fluids in above ground and below ground installations. This includes ducts for ventilation and conduits used for carrying electrical services. Improved regulations from the water supply industry now require explicit content relating to different pipes, to avoid any form of contaminated drinking water.

BS 1710 supports the legal requirement for those who install and use plumbing systems to prevent cross contamination.

What’s changed since the last update?

This is a revised standard. The new version:

Refines the labelling system to aid identification
Simplifies identification in building and water systems
Introduces a new three-size methodology to accommodate the full range of fluid services
Removes ship systems, which are now covered in BS ISO 14726


Pipemark UV+ ID Bands

Pipemark 275mm Identification Banding BS1710:2014

recommended insulation thickness in mm (particular project specifications may differ):