HWAT Temperature Maintenance

Pipework shall be traced with appropriate wattage tape, secured in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. All connections to be made using the RayClic system.


CE Connection and End Seal Kit

nVent RAYCHEM CE20-01, CE20-03 and CE25-01 are heat shrink polymer kits used to connect and terminate select nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating trace heating cable. Requires wire stripping and a heat gun. Each kit contains connection components for a cable termination and end seal.

RayClic Connectors

nVent RAYCHEM RayClic connection system is a simple, fast and reliable set of connection kits developed for select nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace, IceStop and HWAT self-regulating heating cables. No heat guns or wire stripping are needed, because insulation displacement technology is used to make the electrical connection.

Fixing Tape

nVent RAYCHEM GT-66 is a glass installation tape to attach trace heating cables to pipes.

HWAT L/M/R Heating Cable

nVent RAYCHEM hot water maintenance (HWAT) solutions provide a smart and simple single pipe alternative to the traditional method of hot water recirculation.

recommended insulation thickness in mm (particular project specifications may differ): 

HWS (55 deg C)

Raychem recommendations

15 - 22mm = 20mm thick, 28mm = 25mm thick

35mm = 30mm thick, 42mm = 40mm thick

54mm = 50mm thick

All based on mineral fibre insulation thermal conductivity = 0.035 W/mK