Flexible Valve Jacket


Standard insulation covers are constructed from 80gsm grey siliconised glass cloth on the inner and outer faces with an infill of 50mm icerock ductwrap. Fastening is by means of touch and close fastener and each cover is fitted with drawstrings to ensure a snug fit. They are sewn with a kevlar thread with a stainless steel thread running through it.
They are water resistant and withstand a wide range of chemicals.
This 'standard' is suitable for use on various services up to a temperature of 250 degrees Centigrade.

Different materials and infils are available for higher temperatures according the the actual temperature involved and the application required. Further details are available on request

Covers are made to a pattern size and material is cut out in 2 pieces, sewn together with drawstrings and touch and close fastener added at this point, they are then turned inside out and stuffed with infil and then a line of sewing to seal the infil in place.

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